Liberal Arts Voices is a space for Liberal Arts students, faculty, staff, and alumni to discover, cultivate, and articulate the shared values of the Liberal Arts.

Liberal artists see the world in big pictures. We are the dot connectors, the outside-the-box thinkers, and leaders in our global society. We respond to complexity with nuance, perceive globally, celebrate diversity, and communicate artfully.

Whether the discussion is about a historic text or a plan to make a better future for our world, the perspective of a liberal artist is an important one, and the voice we offer is critical.

For our students, this is a space to engage with your liberal arts community. You might see college announcements, find internships, connect with researchers, or learn about study abroad opportunities. More importantly, it is a space where you can reflect on those experiences, connect them to bigger ideas and values, and articulate them in a way that enriches the community around you.

For our faculty, alumni, staff, and friends, Liberal Arts Voices is a space to inspire and to be inspired. You can add your professional perspective to the conversation, or give advice to the young members of our liberal arts community. And, you can follow the incredible journeys our students are taking, and watch them grow.

In short, Liberal Arts Voices is space for you to practice the values of the Liberal Arts and to give voice to your ideas, experiences, and values.

Liberal Arts voices is a multi-platform, multi-modal community. Follow our blog, find us on Facebook, and talk to us on Twitter.

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