By: Chelsie Rimel
Congratulations, you were offered a position! Go you! All of that hard work and preparation has finally paid off. But there’s a catch…you applied and interviewed for multiple positions, and you were offered multiple positions. So how do you properly accept or decline an offer? This blog post will describe how to say ‘yes’ (or no) with finesse.

Let’s begin with the more difficult scenario: declining an offer. You are so grateful for the opportunity, but maybe it’s not the position that is quite right for you. Here are some tips on how to write a respectful rejection letter:

  • Your letter should be polite, brief, and concise.
  • Don’t burn bridges; this employer may have a position available for you in the future so don’t get into specifics as to why you are not accepting the job. For example, don’t mention that the job that you are accepting has better hours or better pay.
  • Don’t get too personal in your letter. This is the one time giving general answers is acceptable. For example, stating that the position “no longer fits with your career goals” is completely fine.
  • Make sure your letter does not contain any grammatical errors or typos. You may be declining the offer, but you should still maintain a professional presentation.

Now let’s focus our attention on accepting an offer. You’ve landed your dream job! Here are some hints on how to compose a gracious acceptance letter:

  • Tailor your letter to be specific to the employer and the position. Writing a sincere and genuine response is very important.
  • Thank the person who interviewed you and show your enthusiasm for the offer.
  • State exactly what position you are accepting. Include details like the starting date and salary so that there are no misconceptions about expectations between you and the employer.
  • Give a few details about what has impressed you about the company. This is your employer now, and it never hurts to be nice!

Your dedication has paid off, and you now have an awesome job! Pat yourself on the back, as this process is not easy. From the initial search for internships to the final acceptance letter, applying for internships is a process that should be treated seriously and deserves your utmost dedication and hard work. It all pays off in the end when you land an internship that will put you on the path to accomplishing your career goals. The last blog post in the series will answer a wide variety of frequently asked questions from all parts of the internship process.

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