Careers-in-the-Humanities-Email-Header2By: Chelsie Rimel

With a Penn State Liberal Arts education, a student’s professional possibilities and opportunities are endless. A Liberal Arts degree teaches not only specific disciplines such as history or philosophy but invaluable skills such as critical analysis and communication. This broad array of skill sets and traits makes you as a Liberal Arts student attractive to various employers. But with such a wide variety of choices, how do you choose the right path? Or do you love your major but are not sure what career options are available? What if there was an event where you could meet with professionals in various fields, network, and receive resume advice? Well it’s your lucky day because…

The Career Enrichment Network is proud to sponsor Careers for the Humanities! This event is exclusively for Liberal Arts students to explore career options, network with alumni, and more! From 1:00-5:00PM on March 29 on the first floor of Chambers building; students will be able to learn about various fields. Alumni panelists will be in attendance to answer all of your questions and give resume feedback. What better way to receive advice than from someone who was once in your shoes? Additionally, this is a great opportunity to network and meet other students in your major. Now is a great time to expand your network! Also learn how to efficiently look for your dream internship. Keynote speaker and alumni David DeLong, author of Graduate to a Great Job, will give a presentation highlighting how to search for jobs.

Careers for the Humanities is a great tool to jumpstart your internship and job search while making connections and exploring your options. So don’t procrastinate! Prepare for tomorrow today. Visit the Careers for the Humanities website for more information and RSVP through your Network Symplicity account. Check back later for the next Careers for the Humanities blog series installment detailing why you should attend the event!

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