Careers-in-the-Humanities-Email-Header2By: Chelsie Rimel

Careers for the Humanities is fast approaching! The last blog post (Careers for The Humanities) introduced you to the event, taking place on March 29 from 1-5pm on the first floor of the Chambers Building, Liberal Arts students will be able to network with alumni, listen to keynote speaker David DeLong, and learn about various careers that are available to Liberal Arts majors. As if those reasons weren’t enough, why should else you attend Careers for the Humanities? I have a few reasons:

1. You are eventually going to graduate. Alas, we cannot remain Penn State students forever. Freshman or senior, eventually you will need to find a job-isn’t that a big reason for attending college? Take advantage of your resources at Penn State! The Career Enrichment Network is here to prepare you for your professional career. Careers for the Humanities will have alumni representing various fields in attendance. If you are confident in a career path, come to chat with people and make connections. If you are not sure about a career path, come to learn about your options. It’s a win-win situation for all!

2. Networking. Need I say more? Penn State has the largest dues-paying Alumni Association in the world, and thus a large network of alumni looking to guide and help you! The professionals at this event are alumni who volunteered and are excited to help students. Plus, there is no such thing as too much networking. You never know who you may meet- a future employer or mentor; the possibilities are endless. This is also a great opportunity to meet students within your major and exchange advice. Not sure how to network? Check out this guide on how to network like a pro.

3. Years and years’ worth of advice. How many years of experience do you have working in your field? That’s what I thought. The alumni professionals at this event have years’ worth of experience in the workforce. They will be able to answer all of your questions about jobs and life after Penn State: What is the transition like from college to work life? How is living on your own? What is it like living in a large city? From career-specific questions to “how do I pay bills?” you are sure to get reliable answers to your questions.

4. Career ideas. Where else are you going to find professionals representing a wide variety of careers all in the same, convenient place? Explore new options and learn about all the places your Liberal Arts degree can take you. Maybe you will discover new interests and open doors to an exciting and engaging career!

5. Resume feedback. Ah, the all-important resume: a single sheet of paper that can make or break whether or not you get an interview. We all know how crucial it is to have a stellar resume. At Careers for the Humanities, alumni panelists will be there to give resume feedback. You are getting advice on what an employer wants to see from the employers themselves! Learn how to tailor your resume to perfectly fit the description for your dream internship or job!

These are just a few reasons to attend Careers for the Humanities. Don’t let this opportunity pass by! RSVP today through your Network Symplicity account and visit the Careers for the Humanities website for more information. Check back next week for a list of materials to bring to Careers for the Humanities. See you there!
Coming Soon- Careers for the Humanities: What to Bring

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