By: Chelsie Rimel

Dear reader: I hope this blog series has aided your search for an internship and answered your questions, from drafting a resume to securing an offer. To conclude my series, I will leave you with some miscellaneous information to put the finishing touches on your internship search.

1. Look the Part: What to Wear to an Interview
• Have a clean shaven face or neatly trimmed facial hair
• When in doubt, wear a dark conservative suit with a white shirt and a plain silk tie
• Make sure your dress shoes are cleaned and polished
• Most importantly: WEAR DARK SOCKS. Under no circumstances wear white socks with black shoes and a black suit. You want to look professional, right?

• Wear a dark conservative skirt suit or pants suit
• If you are wearing a skirt, make sure it is no more than two inches above the knee
• Less is more, save the smoky eye for the weekend and wear natural looking makeup
• Make sure your shoes are clean and polished. If you decide to wear pumps, make sure the heel is no more than three inches high

2. Take the LEAD: Learn your Strengths and Challenges
LEAD is an assessment tool which helps you recognize your strengths and challenges in order to reach your full potential. LEAD includes an on-line assessment and an in-person interview. After completing the assessment process with the LEAD staff, you will receive concrete knowledge of your strengths and areas for future improvement, along with helpful information on how to develop those areas. Improve your skills and make yourself more attractive to employers!

3. Consider the Future: Reflect and Revise
At the end of your internship, reflect on your experience. What did you do well? What could you have done better? What did you learn? An internship is just a small step in the journey to securing a job. Each internship should be learning and growing opportunity. Learn from your mistakes! If you didn’t get an internship, don’t feel sorry for yourself. Remember that you’re not going to get an offer from every single employer. Reflect and adjust to make yourself the best candidate you can be. Brush up on your interview skills or take on a leadership position in a club to add some content to your resume. It’s all about progress and self-improvement.

Best of luck in your internship search! If you have any questions about resumes, interviews, or internships, make an appointment in Network Symplicity with a Career Enrichment Network staff member to discuss your plans! If you received an internship through a Network Symplicity posting, remember to share it with the Career Enrichment Network. Log onto your Network Symplicity account and click on the “My Internships and/or Research Information” link and enter your information. Happy searching!

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