While you are still here…

There are only a few short months left until spring graduation, and after four years of tests, exams, activities, and events, are you ready to leave Penn State? Are all your classes in order, thesis almost done, and interviews on the horizon? For me personally, I’d like to postpone graduation for a few more months, but I know that there are great resources here on campus to help all seniors get out the door smoothly! Check out my list below and take advantage of these opportunities while you still can!

Career Fairs

Keep in mind some important dates of upcoming career fairs for those of you still looking for a position post-graduation.

People to People Career Fair (February 27, 2014) – This is a great opportunity to learn about jobs and internships in non-profits, the government, and human service agencies.

Spring Career Days (March 26, 2014) – Come out to the Spring Career Fair on its first day to learn more about companies looking for non-technical majors.

Careers for the Humanities March 29, 2014 – Students can network with alumni and learn about possible career paths and jobs that await them post-graduation.

Career Enrichment Network

  • The staff of the Career Enrichment Network can help with resume reviews, cover letters, and tips for job searching. You can schedule an appointment to meet with them through your Network Symplicity site. Keep in mind however their website does not list full-time positions so you will need to look elsewhere for those.
  • LEAD: Check out the Leadership Enrichment through Assessment and Development (LEAD) program that combines online-assessments and in-person interviews to find out and hone in on your strengths and weaknesses. It is a great tool to use when interviewing for jobs or graduate school.
  • Graduating Senior Survey: Keep an eye out for a survey from the College of the Liberal Arts asking about for feedback about your undergraduate experience at Penn State and your plans for after graduation.

Career Services

  • Make sure you take advantage of all of the resources Career Services has to offer before graduation. This is another great source for resume and cover letter reviews, but they also offer drop-in hours, drop-in counseling, and mock interviews.  Attending a career counseling session may expose you to valuable job search resources
  • Nittany Lion Career Network: Use this database to search for full time positions. You can also search for information sessions and on-campus interview schedules.
  • Lion Link: This online networking database connects students and alumni and assists in career coaching and the job search.
  • Senior Sunday: Hosted by Career Services this daylong conference offers you the chance to learn about key steps for post-graduation, including tips for finances and living in busy cities. You can also choose to stay for an etiquette dinner to prepare for interviews at public places.

And one last tip…don’t forget to update your LinkedIn profile to take advantage of the largest online networking site. Networking, exploring your interests and the job market, and creating your own opportunities and chances to become involved in more experiences are essential to any career decision and career planning process.

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