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The Education Abroad is hosting in-person pre-departure workshops for students who are studying abroad this coming Summer 2017, Fall 2017, or Academic Year 2017-2018.

Travel Logistics Workshop– Thursday, April 6th @ 6pm in Sackett Building (see classroom list below)

  • Meet with study abroad alumni from your region! You will have the opportunity to hear about the experiences of Peer Advisers and Global Ambassadors and to ask them questions. This is a very informal workshop that will work more like a discussion group. This is your chance to get the inside scoop on your program, picture yourself as a local, and learn more about the culture of your destination-city. The regions will each have a classroom in which you can break off into groups with other students attending your program. The following rooms are located in Sackett Building– go to these rooms at 6pm.
    • Italy (Room 203)
    • Spain (Room 207)
    • Eastern Europe- Czech Republic, Russia, Poland (Room 322)
    • Western Europe- UK, Sweden, Ireland, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Netherlands (Room 228)
    • Asia- China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore (Room 319)
    • Oceania- Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands (Room 117)
    • Middle East- Israel, Jordan, Morocco (Room 109)
    • Africa- South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal, Zambia (Room 106)
    • Latin America- Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Panama (Room 110)
  • If you do not see your country above and are unsure of your room, do not worry- this is just a short-list and you will have a room the night of the workshop. 

Internship Workshop– Monday, April 17th @ 6pm (Room TBD- will be announced shortly)  

  • Are you participating in an internship while abroad? If you are, attending this workshop will set you up for a successful semester working for a foreign company. Learn how to integrate into your host-city’s work atmosphere navigate an exciting environment. In addition, get insight on how to market this experience upon returning from studying abroad. This workshop will be led by Christine Mosich, a representative from Penn State’s Career Services center.

Bridging the Cultural Divide– Tuesday, April 18th @ 5pm in 165 Willard

  • Come learn the basics of cultural differences that will help prepare you to have more successful and meaningful experiences overseas! During this workshop, we will look at the differences between individualistic and collectivistic cultures, and discuss tips on how to more successfully communicate across cultures. Cultural awareness is vital to a successful cultural immersion, so come learn about some of the cultural situations you may encounter while overseas and learn how to navigate your new environment.

Please fill out this google form if you plan to attend any of the three workshops. Kindly do so by April 2nd.

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