Posted By: Career Enrichment Network

Can you answer that question? It is one of the most common ones asked during interviews and one of the toughest to answer. The Career Enrichment Network has a tool to assist you with this: the StrengthsFinder Assessment will help with discovering and understanding your strengths and talents.

Completing the assessment will provide you with a list of your “top five” signature themes, which can help you enhance the behaviors that lead to success. You will be able to focus on your strengths and understand how they can translate into a career or post-graduate education plan. You can also meet with a Network staff member to review your results and learn how to leverage your strengths as you work towards your goals.

This tool is free for all undergraduate students with at least one major in the College of the Liberal Arts at University Park. To request a code, click here. 

Visit the Career Enrichment Network website for more information.

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