Take the Lead
ready to join in and stand out?

Target is one of the world’s most recognized brands and one of America’s leading
retailers. When people say they love Target, they’re usually talking about visiting one
of our around 1800 stores. That positive & welcoming in-store experience is one of the
things that sets our brand apart. And it’s made possible by the leaders in our stores
who guide, train and support their teams.

Executive Team Leader

In this role, you’ll oversee 2-3 departments with sales ranging from $2-$9 million.
Your responsibilities will include opening and closing the store on assigned days,
recruiting and hiring your team, and creating a positive experience for guests and
team members every day. It’s your leadership that guides your team to achieve sales
goals and maintain budget controls. We’ll be supporting you with extensive training to
help you grow as a strong store executive leader. This position includes competitive
pay and discounts, and flexible scheduling.

Executive Intern

In this role, you’ll gain a realistic job preview of the Executive Team Leader career opportunity. You’ll work closely with a mentor while learning the different departments and functions within our stores. You will lead and motivate the team, drive results, merchandising products and interacting with guests throughout the store. In addition, you will grow your leadership skills by having the opportunity to be the Leader on Duty and spend time shadowing a next-level leader to observe different career options.
– Interested? Email Anita.Galiano@Target.com before April 1

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