Are you interested in studying abroad? Global experiences can help you gain valuable intercultural skills that will enhance your future career. Apply to participate in a study abroad program during the spring 2019 semester!

Search Spring Study Abroad Programs here

Early Decision Dates: Students are highly encouraged to apply early for spring programs. Complete applications will be reviewed, and acceptance decisions reached, approximately one month after the early decision deadlines:

  • May 1, 2018
  • July 15, 2018

Final Deadline: September 15, 2018.

Students interested in studying abroad in the spring should apply as early as possible to ensure their best chance of acceptance into their first choice program.

Visit the Penn State Global Programs website for more information, about program deadlines, to search program options, & more!

Feel free to set up an appointment with the Liberal Arts Global Experiences Coordinator, Chelsea Keen, through Nittany Lion Careers to discuss your study abroad options and how participating in a global experience can contribute to your personal and professional development.

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