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Are you participating in an education abroad, internship, or research program? Wondering how you can receive funds to support your experience? Apply for Liberal Arts Enrichment Funds!

As long as you are an active Liberal Arts student the semester in which your enrichment activity is occurring, you can apply for funds!

We wanted to clarify some myths about the application process and requirements.

Myth #1: Most applicants don’t receive enrichment funding.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! Thanks to the generosity of our alumni, we are able to make enrichment awards to the majority of students who apply, if they meet the requirements and are participating in an appropriate experience. In fact, last academic year, we were able to provide enrichment funds to 97% of the Liberal Arts students who applied. While, our awards cannot cover the full cost of each experience, we do our best to help you make these enrichment activities more affordable! But you have to apply to be considered!

Myth #2: Demonstrated financial need is required to apply for funds.

Demonstrated financial need is NOT a requirement! Financial need is taken into consideration in the review process, but it is not a requirement. Even if you did not fill out FAFSA, you should apply for enrichment funds. We know that enrichment experiences can be expensive, even for students without demonstrated financial need.

Myth #3: Only top academic performers receive enrichment funds.

Don’t have a 4.0 GPA? That’s okay! While academic performance is taken into consideration in the review process, we do not have a GPA requirement for most of our funds. Bottom line here: never assume you won’t be eligible based on your academic record. (Note: certain funds like the Chapel Executive Internship Program do have GPA minimum requirements).

Myth #4: I have to be registered for credit to receive funds.

Liberal Arts students do NOT have to be registered for academic credit for their experience to receive enrichment awards. However, students who have graduated prior to their enrichment activity may not apply for enrichment funds.

Myth #5: The application process will take too much of my time.

Definitely not true! The application process is incredibly easy and available online. Applicants must submit a statement, itemized budget, and acceptance letter. The templates for the statements and budgets are available on our website. Once you hit submit, make sure you receive an email from our system indicating your application was received. Not sure if we got your application? Never hesitate to contact us to confirm you application was received!

We cannot award students funds unless they apply, so make sure you submit your application!

Once you are ready to submit, please make sure to read our website closely. All of the application requirements and answers to frequently asked questions are available on our website.