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Grassroots Campaigns is a progressive organization that specializes in running face-to-face campaigns for non-profits, political groups and advocacy organizations. Our past and current partners include the DNC, the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center. The 2016 Campaign Staff will join our team at a critical moment in our country’s history. Thus far we have made significant progress when it comes to LGBT equality, commitment to curbing global climate change, and making healthcare more available to everyone, but all of this is under fierce attack. The outcome of November’s elections will be paramount to whether we continue to move this country forwards, or enter into battle for the next four years.

As a member of the 2016 Campaign Team, new directors will have the opportunity to make an impact on these critical issues and the election, while learning all the skills and aspects of managing a grassroots campaign. Staff will be placed as Assistant Directors on campaigns throughout the country, where they will work as part of a team to meet and exceed the goals for their offices. An office this summer could be responsible for building a team that talks to 60,000 people and raises $300,000 on behalf of one or more of our partner groups; an election field office could be charged with registering 20,000 new voters in a key district or having 100,000 GOTV conversations in a specific county. In order to meet these goals and win, directors will spend their time on:

  • Recruitment: Build a team of 20-100 canvassers. Design and execute a plan to get out the word in your city about canvasser jobs. Recruit applicants, interview candidates, and make hiring decisions.
  • Training: Teach canvassing, fundraising, and voter outreach skills. Work with your staff in individual and group settings, in the office as well as in the field. Create a welcoming, motivating, and fun campaign environment.
  • Leadership Development: Develop, mentor, and train your best people to take on leadership, and promote top staff to trainer and management positions.
  • Canvassing: Canvass in the field 3-4 times per week, training new and experienced staff, leading by example, and getting front-line experience talking to supporters and voters.
  • Administration: Carefully track and report results. Manage the budget for your office. Process staff payroll. Orchestrate logistics of getting people around your city each day. Maintain records for future organizing efforts. Manage the voter file.

 2016 Campaign Staff will receive at least two, and commonly three or four assignments and placements.

  • First assignment is placement as an Assistant Director in one of our canvass offices, fundraising and building support for one of our partner groups, such as Planned Parenthood, ACLU, and Doctors Without Borders, and learning to run a campaign from top to bottom.
  • Second assignment is placement as an Assistant Director (top staff may be promoted to Lead Canvass Director) in election canvass offices, doing voter registration and turnout for important candidates.

Depending on which states end up being the most important battlegrounds, 2016 Campaign Staff may receive deployments to third and fourth locations. Post election, 2016 Campaign Staff will have opportunities to interview for positions and promotions on post-November projects.


Strong communication and motivational skills, work ethic, and desire for political change are essential. Candidates must be able to work within a team, but also have strong self-direction, initiative and a sense of humor. Flexibility and nimbleness to work on a range of issues and causes, while using a variety of grassroots tactics and tools is also important. Previous campaign experience is a plus, and may qualify candidates for more advanced campaign positions.


This is a job where you will lead while you learn. Take on significant leadership right away, while working intensively alongside experienced campaign staff. Attend national or statewide classroom trainings.


For 2016 Campaign Staff placed as Assistant Directors, compensation is $26,000 plus health care.

Please visit our website for more information or to apply


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