Who We Are
At Success Academy, our employees are fiercely committed to two missions: helping our  15,500 scholars receive a world-class education and reversing the educational  achievement gap. Our growing network of 46 (and counting!) public charter schools are reversing the achievement gap across New York City and offering children an education that rewards curiosity and encourages critical inquiry. We advocate locally and nationally for every child to receive a high-quality education.

Our results speak for themselves: In 2017, our students ranked in the top 1% in math in the entire state of New York, and the top 1.5% in English Language Arts. Our scholars, the majority of whom are black or Hispanic, routinely excel on these exams, in stark contrast to their peers in New York City’s district schools.

We believe every child, regardless of socioeconomic status, race, or zip code, can succeed at the highest level if given access to a great education.

Associate Teacher
Our highly selective Associate Teacher role is a two-year, full-time salaried position for emerging leaders who are interested in helping children from all backgrounds and zip codes achieve extraordinary results.

We are looking for results-driven Associate Teachers to join our schools and work hard to make a huge difference. Applicants from diverse majors and academic backgrounds with a growth mindset are encouraged to apply. The role gives individuals with non-education and education backgrounds the tools and training required to quickly become an exceptional lead teacher.

The Associate Teacher role offers outstanding hands-on experience to develop as an exceptional Teacher and Leader in the Education Reform movement.
We require that Associate Teacher candidates.

As an Associate Teacher, You Will:

  • Receive extensive professional development from experienced teachers and talented school leaders
  • Build deep relationships with students, parents and communities
  • Work in a fast-paced, joyful environment that sets high academic standards for children
  • At the completion of two years, our Associate Teachers have become our current school teachers and leaders, as well as have successfully transitioned to top Graduate programs and Fortune 500 companies.

School Operations Roles
The Operations team plays a critical role in building our joyful learning environments. Coordinating field studies, engaging with families, and managing scholar health are just a few of the day-to-day activities this team handles. Their work builds close relationships with teachers, scholars, and families, and without them our schools wouldn’t run! Successful ops coordinators will hold a bachelor’s degree, with an outstanding record of academic achievement and leadership and possess a keen eye for detail, organization, data analysis, and event planning.

How to Apply:
Join our team of leaders committed to transforming public education in New York City and beyond.

To apply, please visit successcareers.org to upload a cover letter and résumé that outlines your candidacy.

For all questions, please reach out to careers@successacademies.org.

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