All Liberal Arts students have an account in Nittany Lion Careers ( Log in with your Penn State Access ID and password to start exploring.

Throughout the academic year, we will be posting tips to help Liberal Arts students navigate Nittany Lion Careers. Posts will be included on your Nittany Lion Careers homepage and in the Liberal Arts Undergraduate Newswire. You can also download a copy of each tip in the Resource Library in your Nittany Lion Careers account.

Students can upload any documents related to internship or job applications to Nittany Lion Careers to be reviewed by a career coach. These documents will appear under Documents>Pending until reviewed and approved. Once approved, they can be used in applications completed within Nittany Lion Careers; you can also upload documents for use in applications or career fairs outside of Nittany Lion Careers for which you would like to receive comments and suggestions from career coaches.

To begin, click on “Documents” on the side bar of your Nittany Lion Careers homepage.

You will see two dropdown options appear: “Approved” and “Pending.” See descriptions of each below.

Click “Approved.” If this is the first time you have submitted a document, this folder will be empty. Click “Add New” to submit a new document for review.

Choose a label for your document. Make sure that it is clear to you and the reviewer what this document is and that you can differentiate between it and other documents you upload – for example, you might put the type of document, your name, and the name of the position you are applying for (if applicable) in the label.

Select the document type.

Upload the file that you would like to submit by browsing for it on your computer.

When you scroll down, you will see a place to put student notes. It is important to include any information here that will help the career coaches to direct your document to the most relevant college office and ensure that you are provided with advice most appropriate for the sector to which you are applying. See below for an example of what information to include.

Click “Submit” after you have entered all information. Your new submission will appear in the “Pending” category.

A career coach will review your document and select one of the following:

  • Approved: There are no suggested modifications for your document, and it is ready for use in applications on Nittany Lion Careers or elsewhere.
  • Approved with reservations: The reviewer has recommended further edits (usually minor), but you can use the resume as-is on Nittany Lion Careers or elsewhere even if you choose not to make the updates. This designation is only visible to the student and career services staff members, not employers.
  • Not approved: The reviewer has recommended alterations to the document or suggested coming into the office for an in-person meeting. You should look over these recommendations, make changes to the document as you see fit, and reupload the document to be reviewed again. When you resubmit a document for review, it is helpful to make a note in the “Student Notes” section about the changes you made and/or any comments or questions you would like the reviewer to follow up on.

Once your document has been approved, it will appear in the “Approved” category. You are now able to add this document to any applications in Nittany Lion Careers.

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