All Liberal Arts students have an account in Nittany Lion Careers ( Log in with your Penn State Access ID and password to start exploring.

Throughout the academic year, we will be posting tips to help Liberal Arts students navigate Nittany Lion Careers. Posts will be included on your Nittany Lion Careers homepage and in the Liberal Arts Undergraduate Newswire. You can also download a copy of each tip in the Resource Library in your Nittany Lion Careers account.

Once you have identified an internship/job you would like to apply for in Nittany Lion Careers, it is important to read the internship/job posting description carefully and make sure that you understand all that is required of a successful application to the opportunity of interest.

Located near the top of the posting on the right-hand side are important dates: the date the opportunity was posted on Nittany Lion Careers and the application deadline.

It is always best to submit your application to an internship posting in Nittany Lion Careers BEFORE the deadline listed. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Many employers review internship applications as they are received. If you apply earlier than the deadline, you may get contacted earlier than other candidates.
  • If an employer finds enough strong candidates before the deadline, they may pull the posting early, without notice.
  • If you are submitting a résumé or other application materials through Nittany Lion Careers, every document you submit MUST be approved a staff member before you can officially submit your application. If you wait until the deadline (especially if the deadline is on the weekend or after work hours), you may miss out on an opportunity. It typically takes 48 business hours to review documents.
  • Deadlines are occasionally estimated. If a posting is available online, without a specific deadline, we may provide a deadline estimate based on the specific semester dates.

Other important information, including internship location, desired majors, and payment information, is summarized at the end of the job posting description – be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page!

Once you have reviewed the important dates and planned to meet the deadlines, it is important to understand how the application for the job or internship is structured. Applications for jobs and internships in Nittany Lion Careers are sometimes completed within Nittany Lion Careers; other opportunities may require you to apply through an external link to the organization’s website, and sometimes you must apply through both Nittany Lion Careers and the organization’s website.

Each internship posting in Nittany Lion Careers contains specific application instructions. Application instructions will typically be listed in the box that pops up after clicking the “Apply” button at the top right of the page. Additional instructions may also be in the body of the posting.

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