As your final grades are entered for this semester, remember your adviser is available to further discuss the alternative grading options with you. Overall, the process to opt into alternative grades works as follows:

    • Your professors will enter a letter grade for each of your courses. All letter grades must be entered by May 19, and you will see them in LionPATH. This means that you will see your final letter grade before needing to make a final decision about alternative grades.
    • Here are the alternative grade options:
      • Letter grade of C or higher = Alternative grade of SAT
        • SAT grades can be used to meet all requirements, including entrance to major and prerequisites requiring a C or better
      • Letter grade of D = Alternative grade of V
        • V grades can be used to meet requirements for which D is an acceptable grade, but the V grade cannot be used to meet C or better requirements
      • Letter grade of F = Alternative grade of Z
        • Z grades can be used to replace an F grade and will be treated similar to Late Drop (LD)
    • Alternative grades will not be factored into your GPA
    • Should you want to opt into an alternative grade for a course (or multiple courses), you will do that via LionPATH. You will have from May 20-29 to make your final decision, and you can read more about that process here:

Many additional questions you may have are addressed here: Please review this information before reaching out to your adviser. Additionally, if you studied abroad this semester, the alternative grade timeline and process will be different. Unfortunately, we do not have all those answers yet, but be reassured you will have the same chance to choose alternative grades for all your courses. You should be receiving an email directly from the Office of Global Programs with specific information as soon as they have details available.

If you have additional questions about alternative grade options, please schedule an appointment with your adviser ( The advising team is happy to help you through this process.

Wishing you all the best as you wrap up your semester,

Liberal Arts Academic Advising

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